South Africa is the perfect combination of green, luscious sceneries, extravagantly delicious dishes, and the world’s best vineyards. Below is a guide of the top foods, drinks and tourist attractions in South Africa, so brace your taste buds, for they’re going to experience what we call a cultural journey through a variety of French, Malaysian, Indian and indigenous African foods.

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If you’re looking for savory:

  • Boerewors: These are African sausages made up of lamb, beef, pork, or a mixture of these, grilled with spices. They can be eaten in the form of rolls with a sausage bun as well.



Fun fact: South Africa holds the Guinness World Record for the longest boerewors!

Most popular place for this: The Grillhouse Rosebank, Johannesburg


  • Bunny Chow: Hollow bread filled with curry and some optional meat toppings.

The best Bunny Chows are found in Durban!

Bunny Chow.png

  • Cape Malay Curry: It has an Indian origin. It is spiced up with saffron, cinnamon, chili, and turmeric, and hits all your taste-buds!

The most popular place for this: Bo-Kaap Kombius in Cape Town

Cape Malay Curry

For your sweet tooth:

  • Koeksister: Deep-fried dough filled with honey or syrup.

Fun fact: There is a Koeksister monument in Orania that shows how much this dish is adored!


  • Malva pudding: This dish is of African origin. It is a pudding covered with caramel and ice cream and made of flour, sugar, milk and apricot jam.

The best version is found at Reuben’s, Franschhoek.

Malva Pudding

  • Melktert: It consists of a sugary pastry covering with a creamy filling inside and is often dusted with cinnamon. For those of you who like cinnamon rolls, this is a must try!


The tourist attractions:

  • Cape Town

This town has it all- a scenic view, vineyards, entertainment spots and much more!

Among the top places to visit in Cape Town are The Table Mountain, Cape Point, Castle of Hope and the Bo-Kaap!

  • Stellenbosch:

With world-famous vineyards, this place is the perfect spot for you if you’re a wine enthusiast! There are various wine and chocolate tasting tours available here


Wine Farm Stellenbosch.png

So, ladies and gentlemen, pull out your forks and knives and your wallets and bewilder yourself with the tantalizing dishes that South Africa